Two 12's Tied the Knot

The Wedding of David Connolly Hall IV and Kimberly Anne Batayola

June 14, 2024

Our Love Story

Living in the beach town of San Clemente, naturally both Dave Hall and Kim Batayola desired to watch their hometown sports teams with fellow Seattle fans. In 2015 they met through their mutual love of watching Seahawks games while living in Southern California. Over the years, both Dave and Kim, with their families and fellow San Clemente 12's, enjoyed weekly viewings at local restaurants, Super Bowl parties with friends and attending a few games at the local stadiums. After 5 years of cheering together for Seattle sports, Dave and Kim FINALLY had their first date (took you long enough, Dave...). Shortly after their first date, they became more than friends, transitioning to dating, and then roommates. Within a year, they upgraded their status to business partners, as they signed on as home owners.
On June 14th, 2024, Kim and Dave Tied the Knot!

Meet the person behind the lens...

The couple has entrusted Tiffany Le to capture all the special moments of their engagement and wedding. Kim met Tiffany when Kim enrolled Andrew in karate as a toddler. Not only is Tiffany a skilled photographer and videographer, she is an exceptional dancer and martial arts instructor.
Need family photos, a professional headshot, or have an upcoming special event? Please check out Tiffany's page to inquire on all things digital storytelling: